Experience Exhibitions

The Leuchtenburg is generally a great experience where you can discover a lot. Manifold exhibitions on the castle ground and in the architecturally unique buildings and annexes invite the visitor to participate and be astonished. The focus lies on the sensational exhibition "Porcelain Worlds", which affects all senses multimedia-based. The exhibition in the martyrdom tower "Medieval Jurisdiction" is already staged impressively and can be visited. Read more about our experience exhibitions below.

Porcelain Worlds Leuchtenburg

Porcelain Worlds Leuchtenburg

The "Porcelain Worlds Leuchtenburg" are a multimedia-based journey through the history of porcelain that can be experienced with all senses. The journey commences in Asia, the country of origin of porcelain, which fascinated the Europeans with its foreigness and otherness. The visitor experiences the tirelessly attempts to unravel its mysteries, its position as luxury item and its entrance into the daily life of the people.

It can have record-breaking sizes - both the big objects (over eight meters) as well as the little objects (only a few millimeters). It is used in fashion, music and high technology. This diversity is not simply exhibited at the Leuchtenburg but staged artistically. Learn more about this breathtaking and unique exhibition concept here.

The Wanli Expedition. White Gold Recovered From The Sea

Wanli Expedition Leuchtenburg

For hundreds of years porcelain has been one of the world’s most sought-after goods, often referred to as precious “white gold.” Caravans trekked through deserts, and ships defied the elements along the coast of Africa and Europe to carry porcelain to faraway lands. But these travels did not always end in safe harbors. On ships threatened by storms on the open sea, and by reefs along the coast, it was not uncommon for this valuable freight to end its journey at the bottom of the sea. Far off the coast of Indonesia, at a depth of about 60 m, rests an extremely valuable and unique shipwreck from the 16th century. This gigantic ship holds the world's largest discovery of china so far: 700,000 pieces of Ming dynasty porcelain, manufactured under emperor Wanli. This fragile, seemingly undamaged treasure is on the verge of its recovery. An exclusive adventure at Leuchtenburg castle: Dive deep into the sea and discover the legends, get to know the crew, learn more about the equipment and the hardships and risks of such a mission...

Martyrdom Tower: "Medieval Jurisdiction"

Martyrdom Tower Leuchtenburg

The Martyrdom Tower is one of the four defence towers of the castle complex. However, the castle was never the aim of an attack, so that the defence towers were never used for their original purpose. In one of the towers, the Martyrdom Tower, a modernly staged exhibition about jurisdiction is located on two levels. The exhibition was opened in August 2010 and shows vividly the use of the Leuchtenburg as court location. In 1396, the Leuchtenburg as princely administrative office became an important facility in the process of state building by the House of Wettin. Over 300 Years (until 1702), the castle serves as the highest judicial, taxation, military and administrative authority for 120 cities and villages in the region.