Foundation Leuchtenburg

The Leuchtenburg is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful castles erected on a mountain in Germany. Nevertheless, the castle was supposed to be auctioned off in 2007. Its future and public use as musuem and favorite getaway destination was uncertain. Sven-Erik Hitzer, tenant of the castle tavern at the Leuchtenburg, plucked up his courage and established the non-profit foundation Leuchtenburg at record speed with private money. The foundation bought the castle facility a short time later and, consequently, saved it.

Now, the main goal was to devise concepts that rouse the castle from its slumber and direct it into undergoing sustainable development. The vision of the "Porcelain Worlds" was born. The contrast between the delicate raw material and the medieval castle facility did not only fascinate the team of the foundation but it did also persuade the funding authorities and partners. With that, buildings having been vacant for years are now renovated, sustained and used, and enter courageously a new castle era with surprising architectural emphases. With the Porcelain Worlds, Thüringer porcelain tradition is illuminated anew and future museum standards are developed. "Whoever is once captivated by the castle will never be released again", says founder Hitzer. The strongest motivation for the success of the project is the Leuchtenburg itself.