400 m above the valley and visible from a distance exceeding 50 km, Castle Leuchtenburg is one of the most beautiful castles erected on a mountain in Germany. Double walls, moats and defence towers, suits of armour, swords and deep dungeons will revive your imagination of a past long gone. Enjoy a striking and unique panoramic view from the castle keep from where you can make out even the Thüringer Wald and the Harz.

The Castle accommodates one of the most prominent exhibition concepts in Germany: the „Porcelain Worlds“. Re-discover the history and fascination of porcelain! Seven interactive exhibition halls take you on a vivid journey around the “white gold”: back to the origins of the porcelain as a mystery material from Asia, to the world of tireless commitment to decode its manufacturing process; learn about facts of its exclusive use from a courtly luxury product to an industrial mass product and the visions for the future.

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Leuchtenburg - Visitor Information

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Leuchtenburg - Discover Porcelain

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Leuchtenburg - Special Offers

Behind the thick walls, the queen of the Saaletal Valley hides as many a treasure. Discover the Castle.