How it all began

In the year 1221 one Hartmann von Leuchtenburg settled a simple lawsuit. At that time nobody suspected the peculiarity of this event. With the signing of the conciliation agreement the first proof of a written reference of Castle Leuchtenburg emerged.

Centre of Political Power

From 1396 to 1700 the Castle accommodated the Council Leuchtenburg with the entitlement of collecting tax, settling lawsuits but also of torturing people and sentencing them to death. The Castle Leuchtenburg became a prison and a dark era began. Castle Leuchtenburg was a much feared place when it was used as prison, workhouse and lunatic asylum.

From 1724 to 1871, more than 5,200 people were arrested here at the Castle. Poor and ill people as well as criminal offenders used to work at the Castle. Since 1873 Castle Leuchtenburg has remained to be an attraction for tourists from all over the world, no matter if they went to the hotel, the youth hostel or the museum.

To the present

In 2007 the charity trust Foundation Leuchtenburg was established, which bought the castle complex not much later. Their responsibility was to develop concepts that enabled them to manage the Castle in the future. The vision of the "Porcelain Worlds" Leuchtenburg was born.