Förderkreis Leuchtenburg e.V.

This non-profit society was already founded in 1998. Its goal is to support all projects regarding the Leuchtenburg. Since then, the Förderkreis can look back on numerous initiated and realised projects.

The Leuchtenburg was also supposed to be brought forward dynamically: Carpenters began to erect wooden shelters in the moat. Built in the same manner as centuries before, they will become demonstrative workshops. Especially the youngest castle visitors can then experience old craftsmanship very closely and can give those a try, as well. How were rocks strengthend in the first years of the castle, how did carpenters and wood carvers craft elaborate pieces? All can soon be experienced there.

The museum's educational offer for children is also supposed to be developed further. For all those projects, the Förderkreis is looking for dedicated people with interest in advocating voluntarily for the culturally outstanding castle facility, regardless of supporting digging, plantations or the children programme. Every supporter is welcomed, also as a potential member of the Förderkreis. With an annual fee of 30 Euro you can not only set an example but you will also profit from numerous benefits at the Leuchtenburg.

Leuchtenburg - Supporting Members
Our new board of directors (starting left) Wolfgang Fiedler (MdL), Dr. Ulrike Kaiser, Caterina Leichsering, Stefan Merschel and Wolfgang Poßögel