The first Expedition. White Gold Recovered From The Sea.

For hundreds of years porcelain has been one of the world’s most sought-after goods, often referred to as precious “white gold.” Caravans trekked through deserts, and ships defied the elements along the coast of Africa and Europe to carry porcelain to faraway lands. But these travels did not always end in safe harbors. On ships threatened by storms on the open sea, and by reefs along the coast, it was not uncommon for this valuable freight to end its journey at the bottom of the sea. These ship wrecks still trace the historic trade routes like a band of pearls. As time capsules they preserve individual stories of hope and failure, adventure and danger, profit and loss. They also awake desire in the contemporary adventurer.

Porcelain Worlds Leuchtenburg

Of Lost Treasures

Far off the coast of Indonesia, at a depth of about 60 m, rests an extremely valuable and unique shipwreck from the 16th century. This gigantic ship holds the world's largest discovery of china so far: 700,000 pieces of Ming dynasty porcelain, manufactured under emperor Wanli.

A Historic Moment

This fragile, seemingly undamaged treasure is on the verge of its recovery. An exclusive adventure at Leuchtenburg castle: Dive deep into the sea and discover the legends, get to know the crew, learn more about the equipment and the hardships and risks of such a mission...