400 m above the valley and visible from a distance exceeding 50 km, Castle Leuchtenburg is one of the most beautiful castles erected on a mountain in Germany. Double walls, moats and defence towers, suits of armour, swords and deep dungeons will revive your imagination of a past long gone . Enjoy a striking and unique panoramic view from the castle keep from where you can make out even the Thüringer Wald and the Harz.

On 3rd April 2014 the Castle will accommodate one of the most prominent exhibition concepts in Germany: the „Porcelain Worlds“. Seven sensuous centres will put a spell on the visitors. Using interactive multimedia stages, the exhibition will make an unprecedented attempt towards an unforgettable adventure. The visitor will be invited to learn, to feel, to touch.

The first exhibition of the „Porcelain Worlds“, the "Wanli"-exhibition, has already opened its gate  for the visitor.


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Far off the coast of Indonesia, at a depth of about 60 m, rests an extremely valuable and unique shipwreck from the 16th century ....

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Behind the thick walls, the queen of the Saaletal Valley hides as many a treasure. Discover the Castle...