Watch out for our special family activities!

What can kids do at the Castle? 

You think porcelain is boring and kids might break a lot in a museum like this? Taking part, touching and having fun is what we explicitly want you be motivated about! Castle Leuchtenburg, its exhibitions and refreshment areas have been awarded the Fair Family Award of the Verband kinderreicher Familien (Association of Families with many Children) as well as with the label "Familienfreundlich" (family friendly) of the Hotel- und Gaststättenverband (German Association of Hotels and Restaurants).

Kids are particularly fascinated by operating the water wheel at the 80-metre-deep Castle Well or by listening to the scary stories in the martyr tower told by speaking stones. How many steps are leading up to the Castle Keep? Kids will find out! At the Porcelain Experience, kids love discovering our fantasy animals; they also love watching the shadow plays depicting the adventures of farmer Deng and his dragon and watch the living wall in the Hall of Curiosities with astonishment. Kids love exploring the secret mixture of porcelain compounds by using the scale pans and baking their own vase in the kiln with noisy bellows. They will ponder in front of the world’s tallest vase that has been painted with 360 nature illustrations and measures 8 metres in height: kids’ hands would have to stack 80 hot chocolate mugs to reach as high as this – even a giraffe were smaller if placed next to the vase! The Skywalk of Wishes is a special highlight, where kids, after first writing a secret wish with magic paint onto a plate, can then throw it into the depth listening to the rambling sound: broken crockery is a sign of fortune!

Come and see for yourself. We have a family card for families only and the audio guide also has its tours of the Castle and the Porcelain Experience as a kid’s version. 

Or what about connecting our kid’s activities with a delicious visit to one of our Castle’s refreshment areas? We also have special rooms for birthday celebrations etc. Hire our wine cellar or the Cabinet Room!

We look forward to seeing you!


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